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All Natural Energy Drink: Charged Water

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This page will go against your very notion of healthy natural energy drink. The best energy drinks that are flooded into the market are soft drinks with Caffeine or Guarana added to them. They are slowly replacing tea or coffees for youth especially that were traditionally used for a temporary boost in energy.

Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system increasing the metabolic rate and Guarana contains the active constituent Guaranine, which is nearly identical to caffeine. Now even the sugar content of energy drinks made less. They all are added with nutritional supplements. Now that is your notion of healthy energy drink.

What if you get consistent energy from within your body over longer period of time? Here is a healthy drink which caters to your daily nutritional requirement and keeps you healthy and safe from various diseases. This is called charged water . It is used to cure many diseases by

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A Multipurpose Healthy Natural Energy Drink

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If you can take some pain, then you can prepare at home a very healthy natural energy drink. In fact this is a health drink recipe that takes super care of your health with abundant nutritious supply.

Health drinks containing natural energy from nutrients plus an energy blend provide longer lasting energy and that is truly a healthy drink. Majority of healthy energy drinks are soft drinks, formulated specifically to increase energy levels. The ones available in the market are high caffeine beverages, enhanced fruit juices or fortified nutrients to improve health.

But you can prepare a healthy drink that caters to all purpose and has a therapeutic effect on body.

Recipe for energy drink

Take 300g of Amla powder and add 100 grams of dried ginger powder. Mix them. Now take one teaspoon of this powder with water twice daily or add it to fruit or vegetable juices.

You can also take four glasses

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Make Plain Water Work as Wonder Health Tonic

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Water has many therapeutic properties as it is involved in almost all process of the body. Daily requirement to healing effects, water does it all in our body. In cold countries the daily requirement is less than in hot climate countries as the water eliminated out of the body is less. But in any case the requirement is plenty inside.

We are seventy five percent made of water:

Every single cell in our body contains vital fluid. It is the main component of our spinal disks. Our nerves are basically microscopic tubes filled with water. Dehydration in the nerves is thought to be the main reason behind various degenerative and neurological diseases. Proper digestion and effective absorption of nutrients directly depend on a good water intake. Our energy levels and stamina are greatly affected by lack of water.

Medical research has proven that

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Complete fasting : The Most Powerful Method for Natural Body Detox

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People know fasting for quick weight loss, fasting for cholesterol test, lipid test, spiritual fasting; but very few know that naturopaths use fasting as the primary and the most effective method for natural body detox. But real complete fasting is so scary and difficult for people in general, that naturopaths are forced to use other methods.

Fasting is voluntary abstinence from food. It is necessarily voluntary nut forced. When forced, it is starvation. So fasting is a rest- a complete physiological rest. So during fasting any physical work should be avoided. It is better if you observe fasting on holidays staying at home. A body’s physiological rest should not be accompanied by external activities. This complete rest restores the vitality of the body and the conserved energy goes into work to flush out the toxins from deep within the body.

Dr. Stan Malstorm says, “Fasting is rapid, safe, and effective way of

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What is Natural Body Detox

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Natural detox is literally detoxifying the body. Natural body detox includes flushing the toxins out of the body and from the body. If that confuses you then, think of the free space inside the organs and the organs themselves. Colon cleanse, liver cleanse and stomach cleanse; all refer to the free space inside the organs that need to be cleaned up. But in addition to them, the cells of the body, where the toxins get deposited, need to be detoxified. The toxins from within the body need to be flushed out.

So natural body detox is not all about smooth bowel movement and proper urine passage. Purgatives can produce vomiting and diarrhea and analgesics (the drug which stops you from feeling pain) can make you free from troublesome symptoms but this is not solution. It is sedation. Vomiting and diarrhea are examples of evacuation, but they are not eliminations. Vomitus and

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The Detox Diet for Natural Body Detox

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Detox DietIf complete fasting seems difficult for you, then among other home remedies for detox includes the raw detox diet and juice fasting. They are doable and though not as effective as complete fasting, but they definitely serve the purpose to great extent.

Before knowing about the raw detox diet, we must know how a healthy diet is essential for detoxifying the body. A healthy diet containing lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes is key to countering the negative health effects of our increasingly polluted environment. Eating a variety of these foods provides access to vital sources of nutrients that support the body’s ability to detoxify. Flavonoids- plant chemicals or phytochemicals found in green tea, flaxseed, soy, and blueberries, provide a jump start for the body’s cleansing mechanism.

As vitamins or minerals do not act in isolation, the total nutrition

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Detox : Full Body Toxins Cleansing

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Drainage: Full Body Toxin Cleanse

Drainage is as important as taking healthy nutritious food. Though good food habit does impact a better drainage of toxins from your body, you need to take special care for your total body cleanse. The effort of all nutrition goes waste if toxins from body are not flushed out.

This is the single most theory of disease in naturopathy. All the herbal are and nature care treatment give utmost importance to full body toxins cleanse to eliminate any disease from the body.

So read more about toxins cleanse, detox, fasting, colon cleanse and all other method of body toxins cleanse.

What is Natural Body Detox

Full Natural Body Cleanse

The Detox Diet

Jiuce Fasting For Natural Body Detox

Drainage: Natural Body Cleanse

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Natural Body Clenase

Full Natural Body Cleanse

Healthy eating is not complete if absorption and proper drainage is not facilitated resulting in a full natural body cleanse. Now if you are wondering what drainage is then in true sense it is full body toxin cleanse. If you still wonder what is toxin and where do it come from within body, then you need to go deep down the process of food metabolism.

The toxins in the body includes

The uneliminated products of metabolism within the body

  •    The breaking down of the cells in disease
  •    Toxins absorbed from food ( Modern food    and vegetables has a lot of it )
  •    Toxins from drugs
  •    Toxins from environment and its pollution

Human excretory organs are not able to eliminate these toxins, especially for the way we lead our life. Our lifestyle and our food choices make it

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Juice Fasting : A Fabulous Method for Natural Detox

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Natural Detox as Juice Fasting

Juice Fasting as Natural Detox

Complete juice fasting also helps in natural body detox and is one of the doable and simple home remedies for detox. Juice should not only be a part of your detox cleansing diet, but a part of your regular food after your detox diet program is over.Fresh fruit juice of the season with or without milk or curd should be part of your juice fasting. Fruit sugars- dextrose, glucose etc are quickly absorbed and disintegrated in the body giving quick energy to the sick.

It is a wonderful method for patients who cannot fast or are not fit to fast, or fasting is not advisable to them. Dyspeptics (having problem with digestion), lean and thin, and patients suffering from nerve weaknesses, require juice diet not fast.

The juice diets which have been found very

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Proteins : The Building Block of the Body

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protein-healthy eatingThe most important fact about protein is human body just cannot do well without it. The protein deficiency symptoms come as retardation of physical growth and mental abilities. Gradual protein deficiency in diet has some serious consequences on the body which are very difficult to reverse. Proteins are nitrogenous substances which repair waste and build new tissues. They are essential for the growth and maintenance of the body.

They are complex organic compounds which contain carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. The protein molecule is composed of a number of simpler compounds called amino acids. All the wear and tear of the body caused by the continuous functions of the organs like heart, lungs, stomach, is made up by the proteins we take. Proteins provide the necessary material to build new cells for growth or replace those lost in wear

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