Best Sources of Zinc for Speedy Hair Growth

Best Sources of Zinc for Speedy Hair Growth

Zinc is an important mineral, we may not be familiar with its importance in our dietary plan but it is vital for our digestive system. It is beneficial in fighting against harmful germs and is great for our immune system. Zinc helps in healing cuts and wounds due to its capability of regrowth of tissues.

In the case of hair, zinc helps in repairing damaged hair and regrow them to their fuller thickness and strength. It helps in synthesizing of protein. Our body does not possess the capability of storing zinc. So we have to intake the required amount of zinc daily.

For men, the DV of zinc is about 11 mg and for women, it is 8 mg. Lack of zinc may result in hair loss and total baldness. Zinc controls the glands around the hair follicles which regulates that they excrete the right amount of sebum. We can use zinc supplements but nature has packed zinc in many food items. 
Below we are providing top sources of zinc:

Oysters are the best source of zinc

This gem named Zinc is mostly found in Ocean. Seafood has most of the zinc. We can say that oysters are made of zinc. As per 36 mg of Oyster contain 327% DV of Zinc. If you want to take care of your hair you should eat oysters.

Oysters not only contain zinc but other minerals which are helpful for hair growth. Zinc regulates the growth of hair and makes hair follicles in their best condition. Along with that regulates the androgen. Androgen is a hormone that is associated with hair health.

Hence including oyster in your diet plan will be a great help for your hair. But you should not take an extra amount of zinc. As excess of anything is harmful.


One of the best sources of zinc is beef. If you are vegan then maybe you are zinc deficient. A 100-gram serving of raw ground beef provides 44% of the DV.  Ample amounts of zinc are also found in lamb and pork.

As described earlier that zinc is necessary for hair. If you don’t like oysters you can have meat. But keep in mind excess can also damage your hair. Both deficiency and excess can be harmful.

Spinach, lentils and pumpkin seeds

If you are vegetarian you could be facing zinc deficiency. Because vegetables contain less amount of zinc as compared to meat. For replacement, you can have spinach, lentils and pumpkins seed they have zinc. 1 cup of pumpkin seeds contains 6.6 milligrams (44 percent DV) of zinc.


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