Best way to clean your scalp for speedy hair growth

Best way to clean your scalp for speedy hair growth

We all love our hair. We style them, clean them, treat with different kinds of products and a lot more to keep them healthy, thicker and healthier. We all are different so all of us have different hair, skin, and nails. Some have dry hair, some have thin hair, some have dry hair and some have oily hairs. Treatment varies for each of the kinds. If you have hairs that are dull, rough and you want to bring back the shine, you need “lemons”.

Natural cleaning agent

Lemon belongs to the citrus family. They have citric acid which is the reason for being a cleaning agent. Citric acid removes dirt and grease from hair, leaving behind soft and glossy hair. Washing hair with hard water leaves behind limescale, lemon can clean it. The acidity flattens the outer layer of hair, thus eliminating frizziness.

Get rid of Oil

It helps in dealing with the oily, greasy hair. Greasy hair really makes a bad impression and if you have greasy hair then forget about the styling. It will snatch all hair volume and hair will appear to be thin and unhealthy.

Hair, when they are full of oil can easily be broken. With lemons, bye-bye greasy hair. Lemon helps restore the PH level of the scalp and prevents breakage.

Prevents from dandruff

Lemons are anti-fungal in nature. Alpha hydroxy acids present in lemon fights dandruff. Just add one spoon of lemon juice in coconut oil, apply it on the scalp, and see the results.

Facilitates hair growth

Lemons stimulates hair growth. By cleaning hair follicles, develops collagen and by cleaning hair it promotes hair growth. Due to its purifying and detoxifying properties, it removes the residue of serum and removes the oil.

Make hair strong and free from frizz

Lemons make our hair game strong due to vitamin C. Vitamin C is an important nutrient for hair health. Strong and healthy hair become frizz-free and adds silkiness in the hair.


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