Complete Full Day Diet Plan with Low calories

Complete Full Day Diet Plan with Low calories

If you want to cut back on high-calorie food and want to eat healthy to lose your weight then we have some of the best foods to help you in achieving your goal. A healthy diet and a well-balanced diet is the dream of many. As technology evolved it made humans more relaxed and this led to many problems, one of them is unhealthy food and obesity. We present to you some healthy foods to eat in everyday life. 

  1. Snack Food:

    Popcorn are the healthiest snacks you can fill your appetite with. They are enriched with fiber and is a weight loss friendly food. It has increased satiety so 15 calories are as filling as 150 calories of potato chips. 

    Coconut chips and hard-boiled eggs are also some low-calorie snacks that you can munch on to satisfy your cravings.

  2. Healthy Breakfast:

    If you want to have a healthy breakfast with low calories then you should try low-fat yogurt, blueberries, and porridge. This makes a healthy breakfast with minimum calories.

    The total calories it contains are below 100. Which makes it an ideal breakfast.
    You can also try oatmeal with fresh fruits like apple, blueberries and raspberries or you can have hard-boiled eggs.

  3. Low carb lunch:

    At lunch you can have a cup full of carrots, cabbage or spinach. Drinking lots of water during the day will help in reducing weight and will lead you to a healthy life and clear skin.

  4. Low-calorie Dinner:

    In dinner, you can have a bowl of soup, steamed broccoli which will help you sleep better. Green veggies are more filling and contain fewer calories which are suitable for weight reduction. Green tea is a better alternative to coffee or tea for weight reduction.

    Hope these tips will make your meal delicious and will be helpful in reducing obesity.Here we are providing a healthy diet plan for a day with low carbs.

    72 calories | Serving Size: 1 Each
    Oatmeal with blueberries & cream 
    133 calories | Serving Size: 1 Individual Packet
    Fresh grapefruit juice
    96 calories | Serving Size: 1 Cup
    2 calories | Serving Size: 1 Teaspoon
    Greek yogurt
    120 calories | Serving Size: 1 Cup
    160 calories | Serving Size: 0.125 Cup

    Veggies, green leafy, veggies such as
    Fresh leafy  Cabbage
    2 calories | Serving Size: 1 Each
    Fresh chopped spinach
    7 calories | Serving Size: 1 Cup
    Fresh fruit salad
    37 calories | Serving Size: 0.5 Cup
    Fresh carrot
    23 calories | Serving Size: 0.5 Cup

    Nuts, walnuts
    131 calories | Serving Size: 0.25 Cup
    Air-popped popcorn
    31 calories | Serving Size: 1 Cup

    Soup, pasta w/chicken
    79 calories | Serving Size: 0.5 Cup
    Broccoli, cooked/boiled
    26 calories | Serving Size: 0.5 Cup
    Green tea / Pomegranate 
    0 calories | Serving Size: 1 Bag.


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