Healthy foods to stock up on during this COVID-19 pandemic?

What healthy foods to stock up on during this pandemic?

As the coronavirus is wreaking havoc throughout the world and more countries are advising their citizens to self-isolate or to quarantine. Taking daily precautions such as washing your hands, social distancing, exercising and getting enough sleep is key to lowering the risk of infection.

The Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention has advised people to create a household plan in case there’s an outbreak in their community. You should prepare yourself for a long haul.

That means having basic essentials on hand such as food, medicine, and cleaning supplies. Being prepared does not mean stockpiling or hoarding.

While the CDC states that people should have sufficient quantities of household items and groceries in the event that they need to stay home “for a period of time,”.

Take a look at your pantry and see what you already have and what more do you need?  It is better to stockpile on healthy items rather than junk food.

Maintaining a healthy diet could help boost your immune system which could also give you an edge. It’s important to note that no research has been done on foods that help fight against COVID-19 specifically.

However, previous studies have found that eating certain foods can improve your health and strengthen your body’s ability to fight other invasive viruses.

Below are some of the items that you should be buying, remember to buy the items that you usually buy.


Canned fruits

Frozen fruits

Dried fruits




Frozen fish





These items have a longer shelf life and are healthy so you won’t gain weight as you would through junk food. It is important to keep your body healthy during this quarantine and self-isolation period. 


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