How Carrots, Cabbage & Spinach makes you smart

How Carrots, Cabbage & Spinach makes you smart

Obesity is a disease itself the whole-body bears its effects. The heart doesn’t perform well. Obesity can not be dealt with in a day. It is a slow process. You can control obesity through diet, exercise, and some practices. Low carb and low-calorie food may aid you in the way of weight reduction. Vegetables play a special role in it. Let’s have a look at which of them are great for your weight loss journey.


Spinach is green leaves that are iron-rich. It gives energy and regulates metabolism. Spinach has insoluble fibers which help in weight reduction. It is nutrient-dense, it can be eaten raw or cooked. It should be cooked or sauteed, boiling may dissolve most of the nutrients in it. But both cooked or raw it is beneficial. One cup of spinach just contains 7 calories. Low calories make it a perfect food for weight reduction. The fiber in spinach produces a sense of satiety it fulfills the appetite. The fuller your stomach is the less you’ll crave unhealthy food. So spinach fiber is non-dissolvable and controls the diet of a person. Spinach eliminates toxins from the body. After eating spinach a person will not feel the need to eat between the two meals. Spinach can be eaten in breakfast lunch, or dinner or as a snack. 

Smoothies, spinach soup, spinach juice, fried spinach can be used in any type of meal. 

Spinach can also be used as boiled and adding salt to it will make it delicious to eat.

Source: Medical news today


Cabbage soup is thought of as the best quick fat reduce item. Daily intake of cabbage soup melts the fat away in 7 days. With the cabbage soup, you have to follow a specific diet plan. This cabbage soup removes not only fat but also water. With this diet plan, you should take multivitamins as well. This cabbage diet plan reduces 5- 10 pounds in females and 7 – 10 pounds in men. But every person is different so it may work differently for everyone. Cabbage is full of fiber and in low calories. Another plus point is it contains protein, which increases satiety. Protein boosts the metabolism and keeps the stomach in good condition. It has antioxidants, fiber and lowers cholesterol levels. 



Carrot is a superfood. It makes bile to create secretions that result in fat burn. Carrots have low calories and high fiber. A cup of carrots contains 50 calories. Most of all they are too delicious. Carrots can be used as a juice, in a salad or in making noodles. Carrots fiber is difficult to digest and takes a longer time in the stomach hence keep away hunger pangs. Raw carrots remove the problem of constipation. Carrots also have beta-carotene which helps in making vitamin A. They are healthy in every way, whether they are cooked, uncooked or boiled. Carrots have such nutrients which help in staying healthy. 



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