How Greek Yogurt Helps in Weight Loss

How Greek Yogurt Helps in Weight Loss

When it comes to making a dietary plan for weight loss, the most important thing is which food items should be included. Often, while planning of defeating fat we compromise our health. Losing weight doesn’t mean losing muscles. But while on the track we forget this important point. The goal should be being healthy not ending up skinny. Choose items wisely while making a daily food chart. Be smart about it, choose items that are low in carb but high in protein. One of the items is greek yogurt. Why? Because it’s different than our regular yogurt. Greek yogurt is the processed form. The makers made an attempt to remove the excess of water, lactose, and minerals. 

Benefits of Greek Yogurt

It’s the most diet-friendly food you can eat. Low-fat Greek yogurt makes a sense of satiety. You can fill your appetite with it and remain full for the day long. The problem of weight gain arises when we eat a lot. More than our hunger. Eating regular meals but still remain hungry. This leads to storing fats. If you are going to dropping some pounds then you should go for greek yogurt. It is proven from research that we have pieces of evidence that if calcium and protein are derived from dairy products then they help more in burning fat. In research, we have found that people who consumed yogurt tend to lose more weight as compared to the group who used other items that contained calcium. While they were supposed to eat a 500 calorie diet.

Nutritional facts of greek yogurt


Sense of Satiety

Greek yogurt is protein-rich. It keeps the stomach fuller for a long period of time. In that way, it keeps the hunger in control which is the biggest enemy in the way of weight loss. Consuming more protein will ultimately lead to less calorie intake. Greek yogurt includes protein, fiber, carbohydrates and healthy fats which are helpful in maintaining good care of gut.

Other Nutrients

Yogurt contains vitamin D which helps in the digestion of food. Good bacteria keep the colon in good health and improves the digestive system. It also improves the immune system of the body keeping you healthy. It contains vitamin B-12 which is needed to form blood and used in the synthesis of DNA.


  1. You can use greek yogurt as a topping of many products.
  2. You can use it by adding honey in it and enjoy the taste.
  3. Greek yogurt may be used as a topping instead of cream.
  4. Strawberries and Greek yogurt is a very good combination as well.


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