How Spinach is Helpful in Reducing your Weight

How Spinach is Helpful in Reducing your Weight


Whenever you try to shed fats around your tummy. You always think of the diet plans with low carbs and healthy food. It is found in research that people who manage their calories and control their diet, shed more fat as compared to those who just start eating fruits and vegetables.

If you are also thinking of losing some weight then you should also pay attention to the calories and a diet plan which includes low carb food and more healthy items. When we were kids we all watched Popeye the sailor man eat a tin of spinach which gave him a ball of energy and he started fighting with his enemies.

Watching our favorite character we wished if it is possible that we get energy like him to fight with our enemies. What if we tell you that you can become Popeye the sailor man with the same spinach can and fight your worst enemy obesity. Obesity can make you sick and bedridden.

So we are here to tell you how can defeat your worst enemy and get rid of weight by eating spinach. Nature has packed health and benefits in those dark green leaves for you to access easily.

Benefits of spinach

Spinach is special, we can say that it is the superstar of all the green leafy veggies. What is the secret of spinach then? Spinach contains fibers. These fibers are absorbed slowly by our digestive system. So one cup of spinach can make you feel that your tummy doesn’t need more of the food.

Hence make your feelings of hunger in control. Spinach contains iron, vitamin C & E, rich in calcium and many more nutrients. All have the ability to make you healthy. It contains antioxidants which improve health a lot. Other than that reduces the risks of heart attack by controlling the amount of sodium.

Nutritionist says you should eat spinach daily at least one cup. And the most important thing is only one cup contains 7 calories only.

Types of Spinach

There are two types of spinach. One has Curly leaves and the second one is flat-leaved or smooth. Curly leaves are usually difficult to wash. As any residue of dirt can make whole food waste. So smooth is better.

Raw or cooked spinach

It is better to cook spinach. Cooking made the antioxidants more activated. But, don’t boil it. As in contact with water, most of the nutrients dissolve in water not giving nutrition as they were supposed to.

How to Select and store Spinach

While whenever you go to grocery then you should always pick fresh spinach. Yellow leaves are the bad choice at all as they are stale. Baby spinach leaves are the best choice.

You can refrigerate spinach in a plastic bag. But don’t keep it for a long period of time. If you refrigerate after washing then spinach has a tendency to decay more quickly.

Nutritional facts of spinach

Here are some of the nutritional facts for spinach.


How spinach is helpful in weight lose

Spinach is the best companion of your tummy. It takes care of your belly.  A cup of spinach satisfies hunger feelings. The fiber in spinach helps in the digestion of food plus it is insoluble. Due to its insoluble property, it avoids constipation.

Spinach contains thylakoids. These thylakoids are helpful in weight loss. A study published in the US National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health carried out on women. They have to take a drink before breakfast and their diet should contain three meals per day.  There were divided into two groups.

One group was provided spinach extracts and the second received placebo. The group who drank spinach extracts lost 43% more weight as compared to the second group. The average weight loss was 5kg in three months. Plus one more thing was observed that cravings for the things which cause weight gain, reduced and they felt satiety for the whole day when they took a drink before breakfast.

Some of the recipes you can follow for diet plan

You can make smoothies for you. 
Spinach can be added to the salad.
It can be also used in sandwiches.
Make cornmeal porridge including spinach in it.
You can increase the taste of pasta by adding spinach in it.
What about having spinach soup?


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