How the COVID-19 virus is affecting everything, from politics to brands

How the virus is affecting everything, from politics to brands

As COVID-19 continues to spread across the world, the virus is affecting nearly every part of life. Since January, EatingPerfect has been trying their best to gather the latest data on how the countries with the latest technology in health are affected — from how it’s shifting the behavior of consumers and workers to how brands are facing issues during this pandemic.

America is now doing their best when it comes for social distancing, It is said that almost more than three-quarters (76%) of Americans are implementing the need for “social distancing,” which means generally try your best to avoid massive gatherings and crowd places and keep distance approximately 6 feet from others when possible.

Do Americans know what to do?

More than three-quarters (76%) of Americans are now practicing social distancing everywhere when possible to break this COVID-19 chain which is expecting older people deadly.

The Government is very confident that they will control it and almost 3 quarters of people generally know what to do if they begin showing symptoms of COVID-19.

Where are people getting their information?

Almost 80% people around the world is getting COVID-19 information through news media, while 20 percent is gets updates from websites and posts from governments and health organizations.

People Trust more news media then the news spread on the websites. As it is very common that it is very easy to spread any fake news across all over the internet within just few clicks.

How drinking habits are changing:

According to latest survey which is done between March 23 and 24, 20% of Americans who usually normally drink alcohol said they had been drinking more than usual over the previous two weeks.

What Parents need to know for their children about this Virus:

According to different latest survey the number of reported COVID-19 cases in children remains low: of more than 44,000 confirmed cases from China, only 416 (less than 1 percent) were aged nine years or younger. So far No deaths were reported in this age group.

Although this virus is very deadly for aged people but for younger age the rate of confirmed cases are very low but as a parents its our responsibility to make sure about that children should practice all necessary safety precautions.


Jeep Brand Climbs: 

While the auto industry is feeling enormous and dramatic economic pressure across all over the world because of result of COVID-19, Consideration of the Jeep brand was trending up all these days as of March 25 according to YouGov BrandIndex data survey while the rest of the sector remained flat.

Food-delivery Business are Boosting on Bump:

Due to this COVID-19 most of the people are in their home all day and night, All outing gathering and fast food and other restaurants and hotels are shut down.

According to YouGov data survey it is said many convenience brands such as delivery apps and meal kits are getting an increased consideration.

Job losses coming fast:

Nearly one in five Americans know someone who has lost their job because of the Corona virus. Those age 18 to 24 are especially likely (16%) to say they’ve been laid off recently because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The numbers will be going to increase if Government not taken steps wisely as COVID-19 affect enormously on various business.


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