How to Start growing New hair & Stimulate hair follicles

How to Start growing New hair & Stimulate hair follicles

Hair is our crowning glory. Hair not only makes us look stunning but a simple change of style or a new haircut gives us a whole brand new look. But what if we try to lose our most important part of beauty? Definitely we will be worried about it.

A normal person tries to use chemical-based products which instead of giving volume to hairs tend to damage hair follicles and thus results in thinning of hair and ultimately baldness.

Avoid Blockage of hair follicles

Hair grows through follicles it is the root of hair. The stronger the root the stronger we will have hair. Never ever your follicle should face blockage. Follicles face blockage due to dandruff, dead cells, oil residue or dust particles.

To avoid blockage of hair follicles you need to clean your hair with a clarifying shampoo twice a week. If you have dry hair that looks like straw after washing then you need to do oil it more often.

Hair grows in an average person for about 6 inches per year. Hair has four phases of growth. Anagen, Catagen, Telogen, and Exogen. Anagen is a growing phase, catagen is a transition phase and telogen is the resting phase while exogen is the new hair growth phase. We can stimulate hair growth by some tricks we are providing here:


Massaging the scalp increase blood flow in the scalp. Blood is the source of nutrition to your scalp. It provides all of the food required by your hair to grow. By increasing blood flow we can stimulate growth. Give a massage to your scalp daily for about 30 minutes.

It will create a sense of relaxation. How to do a message? You need to reach all your fingers to your head. Then move your fingers all over the head in circulation motion with soft tough. Continue it for about half an hour. You can also use oil for this purpose it will be better to use oil.


Oils have such ingredients that provide enough nutrition to hair follicles. If you have oily scalp then use oil on the strands only. But if you have a dry scalp then you should do oiling often. For oiling, you can use Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Olive oil and almond oil. Plus Aloe vera Gel is the best thing for hair.

Essential Oil

Essential oils are one of the most effective elements for stimulating hair follicles. Rosemary oil, Lavender oil, peppermint oil, cedarwood oil, lemongrass oil and tea tree oil you can use for your hair.  Each of them has a soothing effect on your scalp.

Stimulate and exfoliate hair to grow naturally. If you want hair to regrow with their full thickness and strength then you should consider using essential oil.


Everything we eat has an affects on our body. What we eat also affects our scalp and hair. Food rich in omega-3 and protein is good for hair health. You should eat healthily, salmon, beans, lentils, olives etc are sources of protein and omega-3.

Food containing biotin are also important for hair growth. Our hair is made up of protein and biotin. Kerotin is required by our scalp to grow hair faster. Walnuts are also a source of omega-3 fatty acids. Amla should also be a part of the diet because it contains vitamin-c which is really good for hair health.


Never comb hair while they are wet. Wet hair is in a fragile state. If you need to brush your hair then you should comb your hair with a wide-tooth wooden comb or boar bristle brush. Wrong choice of the brush also leads to breaking and thinning of hair.

Lemon juice

Apply lemon juice with coconut oil. This mixture also helps in stimulating hair follicles.


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