Most effective way to repair your damaged and thin hair

Most effective way to repair your damaged hair ( Tip mention amla)

We all want to take good care of our crowning glory our hairs. Hair products have such ingredients which along with a few benefits also harm our hair in many ways. Nature always surprisingly provides the best solutions for a problem. Food or plants enrich in antioxidants, vitamins C & E, and minerals really are good for our hair.

What is the solution?

The answer is amla, it is an Indian gooseberry. Amla is enriched in antioxidants and vitamin C. Amla also has anti-inflammatory properties, which can add shine to our hair.

It provides strength and the antioxidants defeat free radicals which are harmful for our hair growth. Amla avoids breakage and thinning of hair. People who started using amla or amla powder showed more healthier hair than before.

Amla can be helpful in multiple ways

Amla is used as a treatment for thin hairs. It also act as a cleanser of the scalp and keeps the good health of hair by cleaning them. Dissolves residues of serum, dirt and other toxic materials from scalp.

Amla is better than lemons. Lemons in their excess can damage hair but amla does no such thing. Amla is involved in hair growth, also treats dandruff. It treats frizzy, messy hair and adds a natural shine to them.

How to use Amla?

Amla can be applied with water, eggs, oils or milk. Select according to your scalp and hair conditions. If you have oily scalp then use it with water.

If you are suffering from dandruff then you can mix it with milk, or egg yolk, or add your carrier oil in it and see your hair healthier, stronger, manageable and shiner then ever before.


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