New Research founds Oils that penetrate, protect & speed up hair growth

New Research founds Oils that penetrate, protect & speed up hair growth

Do you feel that your hair is always dry and it is spoiling your mood? Well our hair could get dry for various reasons, like heat from the sun or the straightener, humidity, smoking or just washing hair regularly could make hair dry.

Washing hair regularly results in the washing of serum that regulates the moisture of scalp and hair making it dry. Continuous dryness could also cause dandruff but it is relatively easy to cure hair dryness through many home remedies. Hair is important to us, they affect our look and style.

Avoid blow-drying daily and beauty products that are full of chemicals, glance at the ingredients of any product before purchasing. Our hairs are made up of a protein called keratin, we require a solution that penetrates our hair strands and makes it stronger from the inside.

Researchers have found that nature has packed nutrients in oils that are great for our hair. They make our scalp happy, Such as coconut oil. Coconut along with its deliciousness also brings life to our hair. It is a natural emollient. It soothes the skin retains moisture of the hair.

Give strength and shine to hair strands. A study held in 2005 found coconut oil as the best penetration in hair. It penetrates and fills in the hair strands which are being damaged by the sun. works both for dry and oily hair. If you have oily hair then apply it on hair strands only not on the scalp.

But if you are suffering from dandruff, damaged and thin hair then applies it on your full head. If you leave the oil overnight you will get better results.

You can apply coconut oil 2 times a week. Giving a massage to your scalp increases blood circulation levels.

As our hair needs nutrients that are provided by blood. Massaging helps coconut oil to reach every hair follicle and make them healthy. Coconut oil has antioxidants it is also a natural anti-depressant agent. Coconut oil has conditioning power, it makes your hair soft so they will not tangle and avoids frizz.

Coconut oil solidifies in cold weather. Put it in a bowl of warm water for some time before using it. Apply coconut oil on tattered hair. Split ends are really disturbing, it is annoying and causes embarrassment.

Coconut oil may not fix them permanently but provides a temporary solution to save you from embarrassment at a party. Coconut oil can be used in multiple ways, mix it with tea tree oil and it will give a deep cleansing to your hairs. Add coconut oil in conditioner or in a spray bottle and it will be great for the luster of hair.


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