Oils you should use for Hair Nourishment

Oils you should use for Hair Nourishment

Whenever someone encounters any hair problems such as split ends, thin hair, dandruff or hair loss chances are that someone would advise you to start oiling. It is because oils play an essential role in hair growth and scalp’s health. To help you with what oils to use and when to use them we created the following list.

4 Carrier Oils solution for your hair problems

Coconut oil

If you ask any woman of subcontinent about her shiny, long and thick hair there is a fair chance that she would say that she uses coconut oil. Study shows that coconut oil blocks an estimated 20 percent of the sun’s damaging rays.

Coconut oil can penetrate through hair fiber and protect them from the inside. It has moisture-retaining properties, it does not evaporate. If you have dry hair use it regularly and it will keep moisturizing your skin. If you have oily scalp use coconut oil an hour before washing your hair.

Coconut oil is full of fatty acids which helps in penetrating hair more deeper than any normal conditioner. We recommend you to use coconut oil and get luster and thicker hair. You will feel the change.

Olive oil

Olive Oil is used mainly in cooking but do you know it is beneficial for your hair too?? Olive oil works great for curing dandruff and moisturizing your hair. Leave olive oil on your hair overnight and wash it in the morning.

Olive oil prevents the absorption and diffusion of water in the hair, make hairs less prone to getting hygral fatigue, which means less stress on strands. A study has shown that our hair follicles show signs of aging in the form of:

  • Decreased numbers of melanocytes (i.e. pigment-containing cells) resulting in grey and white hairs
  • Reduced hair production

The researchers concluded that oxidative stress is a significant variable that contributes to hair loss. Olives are rich in antioxidants and hence result in the prevention of hair loss. If you have dull, damaged and frizzy hair you should use olive oil.

Almond oil

Sweet almond oil extracted from the edible almond is one of the lightest oils you may try. It has vitamin E, potassium, zinc, and stearic fatty acids. It is an ideal sealant traps the moisture inside, promoter of healthy hair follicles and will add shine to your strands. Almond oil usually easily penetrates skin, hair, and scalp adding nutrients to your skin.

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil moisturizes the hair, adds nutrients, and stimulates the scalp. If you have greasy hair or oily scalp then it is not good for you. But if you are dealing with dandruff and dry, itchy scalp then jojoba oil is perfect for you.

You can leave it overnight or apply it 30 minutes before washing your hair. It penetrates easily into hair follicles and works inside out leaving shiny, smooth, silky and dandruff free hairs.

There are So Many Oils so Which one to choose?

You might be a little bit confused about which oils are best suited for you. The answer is we all are different, we all have different skin and different hair. Just listen to your body and scalp, see what your body responds to.

If it is greasy or oily then which oil to use or if you have dandruff than which oil to use to make it go away. How often you need to wash our hair or how often should you oil your scalp or the midshaft of hair.

If you are facing dryness then you shouldn’t wash them regularly as shampoo will dry your hair more. Do oiling more often and choose wisely according to your condition. I hope the article is helpful. Good luck!


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