Skills You can Learn in this Quarantine to avert Boredom

Skills You can Learn in this Quarantine to avert Boredom

Everyone’s life seem to have been affected. Nearly the whole world is on lock down and people are sitting at their home with a lot of free times at their hands.

The only option you think you have is binge-watching TV shows for the foreseeable future. This can also get boring after a while. 

Since it seems that you’ll have a lot of time at home for a while. You should learn something new a skill that could be valuable for you when this quarantine is lifted.

Pick a skill that you have always wanted to learn or would be interested in learning during this time of isolation and quarantine.

If you’re curious and interested in learning new skills here are a few suggestions that could keep you busy and also help you in your life later

Learn graphic designing

Graphic designing such as illustrator and Photoshop are high in demand, it is a great skill to have. You can work at a company or freelance too. 

Learn an instrument

Learning an instrument might not have any monetary advantage but it will benefit your mental health, It improves confidence, increases patience, makes you smarter and most of all it is a great stress reliever which you most certainly need during this isolation.

Video editing

It is widely popular these days, it is the next big thing. You can produce your own content and start a youtube channel or you can lend your services to other people for a fee. 

Web design/development

The web is still growing and web developers have good chances on the job market. Web development lets you express yourself. You can try everything you want and share it with the world.

Learn Excel

It will help you get stuff done.
Excel will make you better at your job.
It can also give you more hiring options.


Cooking is a fun way to relieve stress or expand your mind. Learning to cook will help you understand world cultures, customs, and flavors.

Learn about insurance, car, health and life

All of us want financial security for ourselves and for our family. To get the best possible insurance you need to know a few basics.

Learn about loans, credit cards, and savings options

Understanding the basics about how to get a card/loan and use it wisely can save you time and money and get you on your way to building good credit.

These skills would not only kill your boredom but it can also help you excel in your career after this whole pandemic lock down is over. 


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